Git for Everyone

Life in the Terminal

Or Bash to the UNIX kids

If you are reading this, you have been introduced to something called the Terminal on your Mac by one of your overly pushy developer friends/colleagues.

I am thinking that the conversation went something like this?

You: How can I get to that file?

Them: Just open Terminal and then $ cd ~/Projects/boilerplate/ && vi .gitignore

You: OMG! That is weird? What do I do?

Them: Geeze, press the i key, go to this line and add <file path>/**/*. Then hit the esc key to save. To get out, type :wq, ok?

Ok, we have all been there. This is weird. This is awkward. What did all of that mean?

Not to mention, your terminal window is probably all stupid looking, am I right? On a developers screen, it's all cool looking. There is colored text that you can read and it's probably a little transparent. Yours, it's small, the type is hard to read, and it's white and weird looking. No wonder you don't like going in there. It's freaking weird and scary looking, I get that.

In this article, I aim to help change all of that and make your interaction with the Terminal a little bit easier.