Git for Everyone

Git for everyone

Unless you have been living in a cave, Git is everywhere. Creative or engineering, you have directly encountered or will encounter Git in the workplace. A common misconception as well is that Git is only for teams? Regardless of work style or team size, Git is the tool that everyone should be using.

Dale Sande, UX Design and Development senior instructor with Code Fellows, will introduce you to Git and get you up to speed on concepts and workflows in no time.

Discover how working in the command line isn't all that scary. Understand how to move between projects with just a few key strokes. Visually experience what Git is doing behind the scenes. Gain confidence with the steps involved for a common Git branching strategy. Cloning isn't just for sheep and galactic empires.

Together we will all create and share Github repositories and understand why Groundhog's Day is the best Git movie EVER!

Course material:

This course will be presented with a slide deck, live demonstration and Gitbook provided with related material.

Presentation outline:

  • Life in the Terminal
  • What is branching?
  • Git workflow (branching and merging)

Demo outline:

  • Create local repo
  • Add content and commit code
  • Branch the code
  • Merge all the codes
  • Fork a repo

Workshop outline:

  • Getting Git Installed
  • Exercise Git workflow
  • Create a Github account and generate your SSH key
  • Fork a repo
  • Clone a repo