Sass in the Real World: book 1 of 4

File management

CSS has had a long and sordid past. A developer never sets out with the goal of making a complete and total mess of things. Their intention is not to build something that is practically illegible, impractical to maintain and is limited in scale. But somehow, this is where many inevitably end up. Luckily, all is not lost. With some simple strategies, organizational methods and out-of-the box tools, we can really help get things in order.

For many getting started with Sass, at one time or another, have created a junk-drawer of files. For most, this was a rookie mistake, but for others, this is a continuing issue with our architecture and file management techniques. Sass doesn't come with any real rules for file management so developers are pretty much left to their own devices.

In this chapter we will cover an array of file management practices that have varying levels of success and failure. It is over the years that I have honed in on one particular structure that continues to be successful in multiple development environments.